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Thirty Years of Legal Experience

Betsy Rader graduated from Yale Law School in 1986 and brings over thirty years of successful advocacy experience to her clients.  She has worked for a large national law firm and served as Senior Counsel for the Cleveland Clinic.  She has represented family-owned businesses and worked in the government.  

Betsy draws upon this broad experience to provide exceptional service to the clients of her employment law practice.  She is an employment lawyer who counsels and represents individuals in negotiations and litigation.  She  also provides Human Resources consulting to companies when they that want to do the right thing in the workplace through training, independent investigations and neutral dispute resolution.  

Betsy is a Life Member of the 8th District Judicial Conference and served as a Vice-President of the Cleveland Legal Aid Society, among other volunteer work in the greater Cleveland community.  She serves on the Board of the Ohio Employment Lawyers Association and is a member of the National Employment Lawyers Association.

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Protecting Workers' Rights

Betsy Rader has successfully  litigated and resolved employment cases involving many types of discrimination, including age, sex, disability and race discrimination, as well as sexual harassment.   She represents hourly workers, managers and executives.  She also represents employees whose companies have violated the wage and hour laws, such as minimum wage and overtime laws.  In addition, she negotiates contracts and severance arrangements, and represents employees in regard to non-compete agreements as well as advising companies who wish to hire employees.

Human Resources Consulting and Independent Investigations

Betsy Rader helps companies that want to do the right thing in the workplace.  With her extensive experience in business as well as in employment litigation, she is uniquely qualified to conduct independent investigations and to serve as a mediator.  She also provides compliance training on topics such as sexual harassment.  

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